Carbon Woody


Power: 9 || Control: 9 

Took 1st Place by Michele Cappelletti in the Terracina, Italy ITF World Championships 2019 and Kazan, Russia 2019.

All new innovative design, mould and materials for superior control, speed and accuracy. 


  • Frame: 3k Carbon Frame
  • Face: 3k Carbon Face
  • Length: 50 CM
  • Weight: 350-360 Grams
  • Special "S" Hole and Convex Hole System

 Ships within 3 weeks

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Inside the Carbon Woody

Our all new 3k Carbon special edition paddles feature 100% 3k Carbon for the face and frame of the paddle to ensure a light, powerful and ultra accurate hit

Players love our high mega grit that now comes standard on our 3k Carbon series. It lasts longer and grips the ball better for a high power spin effect.

The new "S" hole base ensures the paddle core stays a consistent softness across a large portion of the paddle, increasing the paddles accuracy.

Our core now features the softest and more reactive foam we've ever come out with. The new texture allows for more accuracy and a larger sweet spot.