Welcome to Beach Tennis

Beach tennis the fastest growing beach sport in the world being played in over 70 countries and nations worldwide with a tournament held nearly every weekend throughout the year.

Beach Tennis originates back to the 1960s in Italy, specifically the Adriatic Coast near Ravenna.  In 2005, Beach Tennis made its way to the mainland of the United States with groups setting up from Florida to California.  A tour was launched the first year, drawing in many ex-tennis players in the early days.  More recently, we are seeing a large number of younger players taking up the sport. It’s easy to pick up and fun to learn. Now, with the support of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the sport is growing leaps.

Sexy Brand has been a leader and influencer in bringing the sport across the globe and to the US by sponsoring pro athletes, giving free demos across the West Coast and competing in domestic and international tournaments.

How to Play Beach Tennis

Similar to tennis, your score 15-30-40-Game.  When it comes to 40-40, its a sudden-death point.

Players take turns serving ‘a game’ until one team wins. Typically players play a set which is the first team to win 6 games.

Ball is hit once before being returned over the net to the opposing team.

You serve once per point, hitting the net count only if it lands in bounds on the other side.

And lastly, the ball can’t hit the sand (or a point is awarded)

Equipment for Beach Tennis

Players use a beach tennis paddle (sometimes referred to as a beach tennis racket) which has no strings and is most commonly made with a carbon fiber or fiberglass frame and a foam core middle

The ball used is a specific stage 2 beach tennis tennis ball (orange ball). The ball pressure is about half the pressure as a common tennis ball.

A beach tennis court size for a double match is the same size as a beach volleyball court, Dimensions of the court are 29'6" feet by 59' feet and are measured from the outer edge of the boundary lines.

A beach tennis net is 5'6'' in height. and the netting itself is smaller so that a tennis ball will not fit through.