Special Edition 3K Carbon Bufo


The special edition 3K Carbon features 100% 3k Carbon frame and face as well as an updated core in order to provide a lightweight, powerful and highly accurate paddle. We are extremely proud of this newest paddle and know it will take your game to the next level.

  • Frame: 3k Carbon
  • Face: 3k Carbon
  • Core: Super Soft EVA
  • Finish: Mega Grit
  • Weight: 350-360 grams
  • Length: 50 CM
  • Profile: 21 mm

 Player Notes:

Feels heavier so is suited for stronger players. High accuracy and excellent on defense. 

Inside the BUFO 3k

Our all new 3k Carbon special edition paddles feature 100% 3k Carbon for the face and frame of the paddle to ensure a light, powerful and ultra accurate hit

Players love our high mega grit that now comes standard on our 3k Carbon series. It lasts longer and grips the ball better for a high power spin effect.

Our core now features the softest and more reactive foam we've ever come out with. The new texture allows for more accuracy and a larger sweet spot.

Our single-row concave hole system allows for consistency and control across a wider sweet-spot on the paddle while providing more power for those offensive hits.