Pro Series Beach Tennis OverGrip - 3 Pack

$7.00 USD
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Feel the difference SEXYtech makes for your paddle grip.

The SXY Sport Pro Series Beach Tennis Grips feature the exceptional performance you've come to expect from SEXY Brand with a super soft feel, breathability, and absorption. This thin, stretchy grip starts off with a tacky feel that will decrease with time. It has proven to be the choice of world champions.

For those who replace their grips often, the bucket size is the way to go! Our Pro Series Beach Tennis Grips are the GOTO grips for high humidity and warm temperatures. We've designed our grips to provide the highest-performance grip to keep your game at its peak.


  • Adhesive on Both Ends (NO Scissors ✂️  Required)
  • Super Soft & Absorbant
  • SXY Exclusive Design
  • 3-Packs Come in a Variety of Color Options: Red, White, Black, Gray Hot Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue